Smart Vending Services

GlobalConnect® Canada's smart vending solutions can transform your breakroom from ordinary to extraordinary! Our vending machines offer the option for fresh food, healthy snacks, popular favorites, hot and cold drinks, and just about any selection of refreshments you can think of. Interested in the latest protein-rich snacks? Gluten-free options? Vegan? We can accommodate those preferences deliciously! Still want the option to indulge from time to time? We have all the traditional splurges, too.

GlobalConnect Canada will customize your vending experience according to the preferences of your company - from product selection to optional branding that beautifully complements your decor. In addition, we have innovated the latest in vending technology to provide the industry's first dual-language, fully contactless ordering and checkout experience. 

What does Smart Vending Mean?

All of our vending machines are wirelessly connected with built-in cloud connectivity that provides us access to real-time product sales and inventory data. This information enables us to keep your machines well stocked, as well as providing comprehensive item-level data along with sales trends. We are continously connected with your vending machines so that we can optimize the product mix to perfectly align with your team's favorites, merchandise meaningfully, and ensure complete satisfaction.

Get Smart Vending services installed at no cost to your organization

Sometimes, the best things in life really are free!

GlobalConnect® Canada is revolutionizing breakroom services for Canada's companies... we welcome the opportunity to help YOUR organization experience the latest in vending services. You won't believe the difference that having great choices (even fresh food!), in state-of-the-art, well-stocked and maintained machines can make. We'd love to show you. Just fill out the brief form at right and we'll be in touch!