Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness program, The Right Choice...for a Healthier You®, offers both nutrition and education components to help your team learn about—and implement—healthier lifestyle choices. While we begin with a focus on nutrition, we also pull in resources for whole-body health, which includes fitness, sleep, healthy environment, and overall wellness. 

Our program has been designed for implementation across your campus through dining services, vending, and self-checkout markets. Because, as we all know, we have the option to make healthy choices all day, from our choice of snacks to the drinks we consume throughout the day.

Nutritional Guidelines, Program Led by Dietitian

Our health and wellness program is centered around nutritional guidelines that are specially designed to assist in evaluating healthy choices. Developed exclusively for GlobalConnect® Canada, these guidelines follow the recommendations of a number of leading medical health agencies for the prevention of chronic illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Managed by our staff dietitian, The Right Choice … for a Healthier You program utilizes the guidelines on a per-serving basis for fresh food products. In addition, we clearly identify healthier choices in our markets and vending machines with the apple/heart logo TRC icon.

Paired with education on health and wellness and making healthy choices, our program supports your team's better health, and ultimately, better performance.

Health and Wellness Resources
Keep Your Associates Educated and Motivated

We believe that healthy choices extend far beyond what you choose for lunch and snacks at the office. The Right Choice...for a Healthier You® program is centered on helping associates make choices for healthy living which includes healthy lifestyle choices, good nutrition, physical fitness, and establishing a healthy environment. Through this whole-person, healthy lifestyle approach, we empower employees to improve their overall health and ultimately, their quality of life.

Health and Wellness Website
We have developed our own health and wellness website, to provide easy access information, healthy recipes, and resources on demand for our clients' associates. Chock full of great articles as well as blog posts, your team will find a rich, ever-growing resource to supplement their wellness efforts.

Monthly Newsletters  
Every month, we publish and distribute a monthly health and wellness-focused newsletter featuring tips, trends, statistics, and information to help your team develop healthy habits, nutritional choices, increased physical fitness, and overall healthy lifestyle. Look for our newsletters on-site, as well as on our health and wellness website, where they are archived for 12 months.

Wellness website and newsletters

Sports Drinks, Energy Products & Water
to Support Your Team's Fitness Regimen

Many of our clients choose to include a range of sports drinks and energy products in their vending and self-checkout markets. We've got a wide variety of popular sports drinks, protein bars, and energy products to help your team hydrate, refuel, and provide support for their athletic activities. In addition to bottled products, we are pleased to offer one of the best water programs available, complete with sparkling and flavored options.